How Dr. Phil became Dr. Phoney
Phoney guests, flat-out lies and clumsy cover-ups

The background:

I never thought much of Dr. Phil. For me, he was just a politically correct version of Jerry Springer
My opinion would probably remain that mild if it wasn't for his show on Monday, May 2, 2005. 

Would you buy a used car from this man?  

The shock:

I nearly fell of my couch when Phil introduced his first guests, twins Crystal and Jocelyn, but not because they were beautiful. 
I recognized them as porn star twins Crystal and Jocelyn Potter! These chicks have been doing porn movies together
for years, what on earth are they going to talk about on a show like this? I was glued to the TV... 

This is a picture from a different "show", but more about it later.

The blatant lies:

The twins acted like they were high on something and were telling a story I knew was a total lie. Please don't take my word for it just yet. You will soon read the whole story yourself as it was posted on Dr. Phil's site. Just bare with me for a few more minutes.

Trying to set things straight:

Shocked by blatant lies and obviously fabricated life story I went to the message boards on to reveal the truth about the twins. I sent several messages trying to be as polite as possible and give the good doctor a chance to explain himself and avoid further embarrassment. 

The cover up:

Was I ever naive! The board is moderated (read: censored) and none of my messages ever appeared on the site. Being so naive I thought the moderators are busy and my messages will appear in the morning. I spent a couple of more hours reading the "Find out what happened on the show" slides and forums on and went to bed. It didn't occur to me that the whole presentation is going to be altered soon to erase all identifiable information on the twins. It wasn't until early afternoon May 3 that I noticed the attempts to re-write history and started capturing the pages from the site. Some of the info was already removed by then, but not nearly enough for a complete cover up and more than enough to prove that the serious cover up was attempted. 

Before and after:

What you are about to see is a "before and after" parallel comparison of the pages on Dr. Phil's web site. Left side was captured early afternoon on May 3. On the right side you will see the last and probably final version captured early morning May 4. 2005. None of the images were altered by me in any way. Make sure you read the whole story if you haven't watched the show - it's short but very important. 

If you guessed the top one is "before" you are right! The 'panoramic' picture on the later page is a clever way to obscure twin's faces. 
However, they overdid it big time later. The names of other show guests are still there, but Jocelyn became a "she".

This page was changed overnight to remove the names and close-up portrait of the twins.
I didn't catch it on time, but I'm posting it so you can read the whole lying story.


All references to the Bunny Ranch, it's owner Dennis Hof and his portrait were removed in the morning. Only the anonymous "owner of a legal brothel" remained. 


Even though slide 2 was already "anonymized" by the time I grabbed it, Doc's assistants later went even further by smudging the faces on the already obscure picture.
Very clumsy and obvious!


Another one "doctored" over night. "The twin who refuses" would be Jocelyn, but that's irrelevant because she didn't refuse sex for money in years!

Dennis and a nice portrait of "the twin who wants to work for Dennis" are now gone the way of the Dodo. 
Interesting - she looks just like porn star Jocelyn Pink!

                                                             Jocelyn Pink (no picture "doctoring" performed - just cropped and rotated)


Dr. Phil is talking to the anonymous "brothel owner" now. Anne Bissel, her portrait and the full name of the book she's selling are alive and well, thank you very much.
Being an ex-prostitute and a businesswoman she probably has a contract with Phil that stipulates her "add space".  


Twins names were obliterated in a late night Orwellian style history re-writing. Dennis was still there, but not for long.


I guess Anne had to disappear together with Dennis from slide 7. Someone must have realized that it would be too much to have two of her portraits and none of the twins.
BTW doc, daddy is quite happy with the car his daughter's porn careers bought him!

The result:

- The twins were completely erased Big Brother style - there's not shred of identifiable information about them left.
- Dennis Hof and his Bunny Ranch also disappeared into thin air. He was just a part of the game.
- Anne escaped this butchery practically unscratched. She and Dr. Feel can continue to teach people about horrors of legalized prostitution. Intellectual prostitution is not a problem for them.

The message/discussion board on is a different story. It does not appear altered after the fact, but is definitely closely controlled and filtered. There is a message that warns posters that the forum is moderated and messages previewed (say: censored) before they are published. There is of course no mention of twins real life story and porn career and very few mention their names. More recent messages misspell Crystal as Krystal, which I find mildly suspicious. I didn't have the will to read all messages, but haven't seen a trace of criticism for Dr. Phil in any of the ones I read.

The truth:

Who are Crystal and Jocelyn really and what is the truth that is so opposite to the story they presented on the show? The following page that answers those questions makes no false attempt to be politically correct or suitable for anyone, let alone minors. It deals with sexually explicit material and uses language that may offend some people. If you are one of those people, consider yourself warned. Most of the information contained on the next page you can find yourself after a simple Google search

Warning: By clicking on the following link you certify that you are at least 18 years old and can legally access pornography.

I'm legal, let me see the proof!